First Visit Discount
Get your First Session for only $20
Get your First Session for only $20


Cryotherapy works down at a cellular level to speed up recovery and reduces post-workout soreness by elevating the body’s performance and contributing to overall well being. In just a few minutes you will increase blood flow to your entire body bringing circulation and healing to ailing areas.


For centuries doctors a like have been using cold therapy to help treat pain. We’re taking that to a whole new level with cryotherapy. Come feel the difference.


In just three minutes you can burn up to 800 calories by increasing your metabolism. In order to achieve weight loss increasing your metabolic rate is a must!


Cryotherapy now makes it possible to help turn back the hands of time. You can achieve amazing skin and anti aging results with non-invasive procedures.


Get to your body at it’s core. Freezing temperatures increase blood flow and circulation to help approve overall health and give you an immune boost.



Single sessions, packages and memberships starting at only $70.00!

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  • I moved down the the RGV 5 years ago to escape the cold up north, so it's amazing to me that I even love cryo the way that I do. Maybe it's nostalgia, or perhaps it's the fact that I haven't felt better in years. Either way, I love my Coldfit membership!

    John Backman
    John Backman Client
  • I've had severe joint pain for several years now. I've been to chiropractors, doctors, the works. Cryotherapy has changed my entire life. I go every other day and I have never felt better. I'm now more active and engaged with my family, too!

    Michelle Trevino
    Michelle Trevino Client
  • I was skeptical to try cryotherapy, but had heard good things. After my first session I was completely hooked. I go a few times a week and can already feel the difference it's making for my muscles and health.

    Jorge Sanchez
    Jorge Sanchez Client
  • My husband and I experienced our first session yesterday. The staff was informative (I had a lot of questions), friendly and attentive. My husband, who suffers from lower back pain, came out feeling refreshed and renewed. We both slept like babies last night. Great session. Highly recommended it!

    Vicky De La Garza
    Vicky De La Garza Client
  • After my 3 minute session I felt my inflammation and neck pain fade away. My joints felt better, my skin looked better, and I slept like a baby! Staff is friendly, service is quick, and the location is great! I will definitely be back for more!

    Timna Villarreal
    Timna Villarreal Client
  • Facility is clean..staff is amazing! With my 3 minute session I walked out energized and refreshed! Less neck tension, muscle aches, and joint pain! Headache was gone and throughout the day I felt amazing!

    Yvette Rodriguez
    Yvette Rodriguez Client

*Disclaimer: ColdFit Cryotherapy does not guarantee results, which can vary from individual to individual.